League Match Rules

  • Each team plays each other twice during a season (‘home’ and ‘away’).
  • Each match will consist of 2 singles games and 3 doubles games. 
  • Games played to 31 pts; win by 2 pts.
  • Each player can play 2 games maximum each match. *
  • 1 Woman OR Junior must play minimum 1 game.
  • 1 player cannot play both singles games. 
  • Partnerships must be different for each doubles games.
  • Forfeited games (e.g. absent player) are awarded 31 – 0.
  • Team with best points difference (total points scored minus points conceded) will be League winner.
  • Season League winner and runner up will compete an extra ‘cup’ match.

Team Lineups

 The Racqueteers Arun (C) VenkatSwethaDennisLing 
 Badminton Kaki Ary (C) Sundeep Binh Daniel Cindy 
 Super Smashers Dani (C) Vijay Mei Umesh Hari 
The Unmentionables Jason (C) Annie Liz Tarun Tsung-Fu 
Team Tapan Anand (C) Mohan David Mimi

 Net Wizards Anuj (C) Jeffi Deepthi Rajakamal Rajaram 

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